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Have a Little Baby Makes Sleep-Deprived Father, Follow These Five Tips to Stay Fit

Just like a mom, a dad also did not want to miss to take care of a newborn baby immediately. Whether it's alternating with his wife change the diapers the little, washing, to join the vigil in the middle of the night. Well, sometimes it makes the father so sleep-deprived, but tomorrow morning he should get back to work. No need to worry, this is what you can do to overcome the lack of sleep so that staying healthy and fit.

Why new dads are often sleep-deprived?

The first week of the little one was born, the father deployed throughout the energy and attention on the fruit of the heart. This condition generally makes you not enough rest. Maybe you woke up in the night to soothe babies and had to wake up at the same hour. As a result, the father so sleepy and does not fit.

According to Harneet Walia, m.d., an expert on diseases sleep disorders from the Cleveland Clinic presented his opinion that sleep is a priority. "We always recommend keeping your diet and exercise is good for everyone. In line with that, we also need to focus on the quality of sleep. "
What is the reason? Sleep is a time for the body to rest. If it is not the lack of sleep, not just sleepy, there will be much impact bad happened. For example, fatigue on the body, power of thinking, stress, ease the pain and increases the risk of accidents. It is certainly very risky for the dad who must keep working while caring for a baby.

How to cope with sleep deprivation on the new dad

Have a healthy and fit body, supporting someone to have activity. Well, for the father who must work while caring for the baby, there are several ways to address the lack of sleep, among them:

1. Create a shared schedule spouse

Taking care of the little newborn, requiring cooperation between you and your partner. To that end, the Division issues couples talk with time to take care of the baby in turn. That way, you and your partner can have enough rest time.

2. Take advantage of the time wisely

Heavy activity, requires that you make the best possible time. When it is time you break, don't be tempted to watch television, play phone, or doing other activities that make you tired. Preferred to take a break to overcome a lack of sleep and you get fit again.

3. Prepare yourself before the ' stint '

So you don't fatigue keeping the little one, you need to download charging yourself. In addition to utilizing the time to rest, don't forget to fill Your nutritional needs by eating balanced nutrition. Multiple eating fruit and vegetable as well as expand the drinking water.

4. An order that the little one Trainer sleep better

Bedtime baby still very messy. That is why he can wake up the middle of the night disturbing sleep well her parents. So that the quality of sleep You stay awake, you need to train your baby to adaptation with normal bedtime.

For example, familiarize baby eat, get up, take a shower in the same hour. Then, you could also be drying the little one in the morning so that the biological clock of her body adapts when bedtime and wake up.

5. Ask the help of a family member

Even though it has planned, not everything goes according to what you want. If you are still taking care of the little hassles, no harm in asking for the help of experienced family members. In addition, to relieving You, this way also helps the little know and closer to a family who favored him.

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