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6 Habits That are Harmful to The Spine

Reasonable in frequency bent he said can make your spine pain. In fact, it is not just the only habit that makes your spine pain and soreness. There are various bad habits that have not realized that could harm your spine. Whatever it is, Yes, a bad habit?

Habits that make spine pain

Routines that without we realize can damage the spine naturally we should avoid. Well, to know this further, let's see what are the everyday life that makes your spine so painful. 

1. Body posture when sitting
First of all let's look at posture yourself when engaging in activities, whether it is correct and in accordance with the recommended or not. Sitting position bending can damage the spine, back pain, inhibit breathing, to cause a headache. Therefore, from now on trying to make it a habit to sit upright without bending. You can choose an ergonomic office chair. 

2. Cigarette smoking
Results of a study saying that when you smoke, Your chances of spinal pain back pain experienced by up to 3 times more likely than people who did not smoke.

The content inside the smoking can interfere with the circulatory system, including to the backbone. In addition, bearing the backbone also damaged more quickly. No blood flow damaged bearing smoothly and make you continue to complain of back pain pour. Hence, try to gradually reduce smoking until you can remove it with the ability.

3. Eating too much
If you are the type of person who can raise the weight in a short time with the overeating, be careful because your habits this can damage your spine. Excess weight can stretch Your back muscles and bones, including the spine. Try to replace the food with low calorie.

4. Wear high heels
You might be using the back muscles when using high heels. Well, the use of these shoes can hurt our spine as it can interfere with the body's posture and ruin our backbone. It is recommended to use the shoe models like this with short periods of time, in order to prevent pain and strengthens the muscles.

5. Lifting goods
The way you lift any item becomes the cause of your spine pain. A very commonplace activity going on in this life we can provide unusual pressure on the spine.

Therefore, there is a correct way when bringing goods. Try to align with your legs with shoulders, when bent, try to bend the hips and knees, and hold the load close to your body.

6. Consuming sugary foods
The selection of food can also be the reason behind the pain against the spine. Eating too much food with high sugar levels can also cause inflammation and reduce the intake of nutrients into the body.

Therefore, multiply eat foods that contain high protein and fiber, like salmon or avocado. Both can build muscle tissue and bones stronger. Don't forget to also meet the intake of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D.

Once we know what daily habits can actually damage the spine, let us reduce the chance of the occurrence of pain so that we don't get sick of the spine and cause discomfort.

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