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4 Way of Life Remained Happy Even Though it is Surrounded by Negative People

Ever heard the famous quote, "Happy we own that creates, not the others,"? Indeed the fact you could control your emotions alone myself. However, not everyone is able to set the ups and downs of emotions. Sometimes, the influence of the environment and the people around You mood transformed up to 180 degrees. Well, that has always been the question until now, actually, there is no way for a happy life even though it is present in the middle of people who are negative?

How to live happily in a negative situation though

Before blaming others because the mood is destroyed instantly, it turns out your own brain get involved as one of the triggers. Yes, the brain is an organ that is very sensitive to everything, from negative to positive that smell.

Captured signal is passed to the brain nerve cells in the body to give a certain response. Whether it's angry, upset, sad, and happy. Therefore, the actual key in order to live happily is to control your emotions and your response to negative things.

However, where to start? She steps!

1. Find out the trigger negative emotions

All the things that happen there must have been the cause, including why you feel surrounded by the eve of negative people around. As a first step, identify the root of the problem of the sense of discomfort.

Maybe you feel a friend hearing rise talk bad behind other people, made by a couple of months is being spurred on emotion, or a friend's Office that lightly.

Trying to find out these things one by one, slowly but surely will help you to be aware of any factors that create a negative aura around you.

2. focus on the things that can be controlled

There are many things that You can't control in this world, such as the condition of the streets when you went to school, campus, or Office. Trying to control things outside Your power will make You hard to be happy. Thus, the key is to focus on the things you can control.

For example, the streets gridlocked is severe, you can control is your own reaction. Realize that the congestion outside of your control. You can do that is the focus of the search for an alternative road or a shortcut or seeking busyness in the middle of a traffic jam like a reply to chat or e-mail so that time isn't wasted. In addition, to distract you from negative emotions, you too can become more productive.

3. Lift the positive suggestion

When you think of the negative constant dispute, could well, in fact, it actually happened. This is because your own thoughts strongly influenced your actions. In other words this way, for example, you are enveloped in a sense nervous when the first date.

The reality? Sure enough, Your nervous half-dead the first time you met comes up often the trivial mistake is embarrassing. It all is the influence of suggestion. When you believe the bad things to come, then it took a long time without the mind seems to be present in the real world. Similarly, when you focus the thought of something positive.

In the psychological side, this condition is known as "perception is projection". Or, what's in your perception could easily come true in real life.

So as much as possible stay away from bad thoughts and create good thoughts despite being stuck in the environment went sour.

4. The manure yourself with good emotions

Happiness is difficult to achieve it without accompanied by a maximum effort. Useless you keep cursing yourself for irritated with the attitude of people around, but not trying to get rid of the feeling of "Scotch".

Instead of continuing to put up a sullen face, in fact, will make a bad mood, better calm yourself by doing other activities that can make happy. Reading a favorite book, a jig while listening to music in my room, watching movies, or doing yoga can be some positive activity options.

Once done with all these steps, try to feel the change of emotions within you. Have you felt better than ever?

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